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About The RideLite


RideLite Canada is a company driven by the passion to design, manufacture, and market innovative products that deliver safety. Our goal is to boldly impact numerous industries on a global scale, leaving an abundant wake of integrity behind us as we move through the lives of our customers and clients.


What is the RideLite?

What is the RideLite™?

The RideLite™ is a streamlined housing of high-intensity LED lights. This light system warns oncoming trail traffic of the riders in your group, eliminating the need to use the unsafe, outdated hand signal system. The group leader and his/her followers all display yellow, while the last rider displays green. Yellow indicates caution, riders approaching while green indicates the last rider of that group. This system also has a hazard mode which is indicated by a flashing yellow. The hazard mode alerts oncoming riders of trail hazards.

Three modes are available on the 2016 RideLite system as follow (see pictures above): 
See Yellow - Traffic approaching
See Green - End of that group or riding alone
See Flashing Yellow - Trail hazard ahead or rider needs assistance

Key Benefits:
Keeps hands where they belong – on the handlebars
Keeps immediate access to the brakes
Gives rider total control over rough terrain and ice
New EXCLUSIVE Group Monitoring Feature
Powered by the off-road vehicle
Impact resistant
Trail grooming operators greatly appreciate the warning
Possible insurance discounts
Easy system to use and understand
100,000 hour rated LED’s
NEW 2-Year Warranty on light assembly
Can be used as hand-held hazard light
Quick, Easy Install (click to view PDF)
Quick Disconnect Feature
Help Preserve the Sport


Yellow mode

The following mode is the Dual yellow led mode. This mode is used to tell rider you cross that there is one or more other riders following you. 


Green mode

The following mode is the Green led mode. It tells the rider you cross that it is the End of that group or your a rider alone. It's also useful for the leader of a group to see if all of his riders are behind him. The leader simply take a look in his mirrors and when he see's the green light following him he knows that his group is complete and can go forward.


Blinking yellow ''Danger'' mode

The following mode is the blinking yellow LEDs also called the ''Danger Mode'' or ''Hazard Mode'' . The Super bright blinking leds tells to everyone arround that you or someone with you is in need of assistance (broken snowmobile, accident,...) The ''Danger'' mode is the only mode working with the ''backup battery'' inside your RideLite system. The blinking mode can also be used in you own group as a communication device ex: If you are 4 riders (3 first running on the yellow mode and last on green mode) and for example the 3rd rider needs to fuel or wants to take a break, he simply activate his blinking mode while following his team mates and once the leader see's the blinking yellow lights he can slow down and stop in a safe area to communicate with his group members.